4 Ways To Track Fitness Progress

4 WaysTo TrackFitness Progress

1 – Weight

The most popular and obvious way to track your progress. This one is easy if you have quite a bit to lose, but can be frustrating. Personally, I find it more beneficial to weigh myself every morning when I wake up.  My weight fluctuates throughout the week so if I would only weigh once a week, I may see the scale showing 1-2 pounds higher and think I’ve gained weight. If the scale or your weight stresses you out, this may not be the best choice for you!


2 – Fitness Trackers – Rep Tracker, Weight Tracker, Time Tracker

My favorite way to track progress! There are several ways to determine if you are making progress rather than relying only on the number on the scale. I am a visual person, which makes me love these types of trackers.

This is a timed rep challenge, designed to show progress in strength and speed. I do it once a week and enjoy pushing myself to see how many more reps I can get than the week before. It shows me that the workouts I am doing are making me stronger and faster!

Screenshot the blank one below for your use. It is to be kept in your photos app and edited each week with your results.

RepChallenge BLank

Another visual tracker I use is what I call “Progress on Paper”.  I realized I was using the same 15lb weight for most of my moves and never progressing. This has allowed me to push myself into attempting a higher weight.  Click here for your own printable copy!

This has been my most favorite tracker so far. When I get frustrated with not losing weight fast enough, I just have to look back to see how far I’ve come!

To make this, I used a bullet journal and made 48 squares for 48 pounds. Every time I lose weight, I color in that many pounds (boxes), and write the date.

3 – Clothes

Pick a pair of goal jeans, shorts, or a dress for a future event. Gauge your progress on how that piece of clothing is fitting.

4 – Progress Pictures

The saying is true that “A picture is worth a thousand words” because just when I don’t think I’m making any progress, I can snap a picture and notice changes. This is especially true with body composition and weightlifting.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so you can gain muscle while losing fat and weigh the same, or more. Progress pictures will show you how your body looks different even if the scale isn’t showing a difference.


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