Weight Training: Progress on Paper

WeightliftingProgressonPaper.pngWhen I first began lifting weights (using video programs), I used 5 pound dumbbells. I used the same 5 pound dumbbells for years until I started traditional weightlifting guides. I soon noticed 5 pounds was too easy and eventually progressed higher.

Unfortunately, I fell into the previous habit of lifting the same amount of weight and never attempting anything higher or harder. I knew I needed something to hold me accountable and push me, so I created what I call Progress On Paper.

img_9164If you are like me, you like seeing numbers and data.  Another way you might be like me: you can’t remember a whole lot anymore!  Haha! I found myself trying to remember “How much did I use for bicep curls last week?” and just making a guess, which led to never upping my weights.

With this simple piece of paper, I have been able to look back several times to see either 1) It’s been awhile since I attempted a higher weight, so I’d better try today or 2) Last time, I was able to do one set at a higher weight so this time I will try 2 sets at the higher weight.

To download your own copy of this simple, but effective way of holding yourself accountable, click below!

Progress on Paper

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