5 Reasons To Do Full Body Workouts

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After I had baby #4, I was searching for a workout guide or program to follow. I had been doing split days for 2 years, and then again after I had Laikyn.  I wasn’t seeing much weight loss or change, so I did a little research and decided to give full body workouts a shot. Read on to learn the 5 reasons I switched to full body workouts.

Note: I do love split training as well, and will definitely go back to them between my full-body programs.

1. Missed Workouts = No Big Deal

With split days, it took a week’s worth of workouts to train my whole body.  As a mom with a full time job, there were inevitable rest days that I wasn’t planning on. Meaning, maybe I worked biceps and triceps on Monday and not again for 10 days due to split scheduling and missed workouts.  With full body, I am working many muscle groups throughout the week so skipping days isn’t that big of a deal.

2. Time Commitment

I began doing combination moves – an upper body and lower body move in one rep – and had an aha! moment.  I was doing two moves in the time it would normally take me to do one. I don’t do these all the time because I can’t lift as heavy, but it’s a great way to squeeze in more work in less time.

3. Great for At-Home Workouts

Most full-body workouts only need a simple set of dumbbells. Since you are not trying to hit any huge PRs, you don’t need heavy, heavy weights. Basic lifts using only dumbbells or bodyweight can make up a simple full body workout.

4. Less Boredom

When you repeat a move or activity, boredom is likely to set in.  Since you are working more muscle groups in a full body workout, there is more variety in the moves you are completing.  This is one of my main reasons for switching to full body workouts!

5. Ideal For Fat Loss

This is the #1 reason I began doing full body workouts instead of split days. I read (here) that split days are effective for building muscle mass, while full body is more effective for losing weight and shedding fat.


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