You CAN Work Out At Home And Be Fit

You CAN work out at home and be fit!

I need weight machines.

I need all the cardio machines.

I need a personal trainer.

Only people who have access to a gym are fit.

LIES. You do not need any of these things to get in shape!

Okay, so you decide working out at home might work but then . . .

I need to purchase a multifunction fitness station workout machine.

I don’t have a fancy workout room.

The equipment will be too expensive.

I still need a cardio machine.

MORE LIES. A home gym doesn’t have to be a Pinterest-worthy “home gym” at all! It can be your unfinished basement, the kids’ play room, your living room, the backyard, your kitchen….wherever you can get it done!

You’re all in, you’re ready to purchase some basic dumbbells. You’ve found a spot to get your sweat on. You figure running or walking outside will be great cardio. But….

What workout do I do??

What am I supposed to do with these weights??

I’ve got you covered!

I was tired of sifting through random Pinterest workouts that had no sensible order for actual progress or muscle growth. I don’t have the attention span for follow-along videos (or a quiet enough house to hear them!). I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee to a company for workouts.  And do you know how much people are charging for a downloadable workout guide??

So I created my own. In my basement, with my kids running wild, while I had a job and no gym membership. These workouts were created with busy moms in mind who just want a quick, effective 30-minute workout that they look forward to.



I’m providing these workout guides at no cost to you….simply because I want all women to know it IS POSSIBLE to get a great workout at home!  So, look to the right there, find what’s best for you, and if you don’t see what you like, let me know!! More free guides are in the works!


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