Burn & Refuel Carb Cycling Guide

burn & refuel (12)

After hitting a weight loss plateau, I gave carb cycling a shot. Here is what I found:

*I didn’t feel deprived or restricted.

*I lost 2 pounds my first 2 weeks.

*After 8 weeks, I had lost 9 pounds.

*I was able to enjoy all of my favorite foods.

*The layout of the plan helped make meal planning much easier for me.

*I ate a TON more vegetables than I had been.

To read more about my experience with carb cycling, head here:


As I shared my experience with others, I received so many questions about how I was doing it, which inspired me to create a guide detailing exactly how I used the Burn & Refuel method.



Burn & Refuel Carb Cycling Guide

Learn how to use carb cycling for weight loss and to simplify your meal planning.


Try before you buy:

Download a free sample of this guide.


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