My Experience With Carb Cycling


5 months postpartum.

Stuck at 140 pounds.

13 pounds to go until pre-pregnancy weight.

Another 5 pounds to go until goal weight.

I was exercising, drinking my water, and trying to eat healthy.  I knew I had to do something different, and that something was food-related.  I was kind of planning my meals, starting the day off healthy and going downhill towards supper and late-night.  I had an excellent background in what foods are better for weight loss and building muscle, but I wasn’t planning accordingly and using my knowledge as best I could.

As a research nerd, I scoured blogs, Instagram, and articles about carb cycling – something I had heard about but brushed off because I’m not one to think any one food is “bad” or you shouldn’t eat it.  Once I did a ton of reading and comparing methods, the method grew on me.  As per usual, I combined and adapted to create a plan of my own.

Here is the plan I followed:


What I noticed:

This plan isn’t restrictive because there is a “Free Day” to indulge in whatever I wanted, but not binge.  The only foods not recommended (but not forbidden, because food should never be forbidden…I’ll just want it more!) are foods that do nothing for me like candy, pop, refined sugars, and fried foods. Of course, we must live life so indulging one time a week is acceptable.

This isn’t a “starve yourself” plan: I planned 5-6 meals per day and ate every 2.5-3 hours.

On my “refuel” day (ie: normal carb), I got full more quickly and stayed full longer. The first Refuel Day, I wasn’t even hungry for supper until around 7pm.


I planned my first “Free Day” to be on Thanksgiving, which was strategic.   I found myself not really wanting to indulge. I mean, of course I had some strawberry pretzel dessert, but I stopped at one piece and was totally okay with it!

Low Carb day doesn’t mean “No carb” day, at least on my plan.  I was still getting carbs from vegetables, but I wasn’t eating starches. And speaking of vegetables, I was eating SO MANY more vegetables on Burn Day because I wasn’t eating carbs.


On Refuel Day, I simply added a starch to the meal I had the day before, so it was super easy to plan. For example, I had shrimp + vegetables on Burn day and shrimp, vegetables, and brown rice on Refuel Day.


My favorite part was planning. When I have too many choices and options, I don’t even know where to start. I still had a million choices, but having specific days for each type of meal made it feel like a puzzle. I knew I wanted broccoli and chicken, so I put it down for a low carb lunch.  I added some veggie noodles and stuck it on the normal carb day for lunch.


This plan is totally sustainable because it’s not restrictive, you know a Free Day is coming so you can enjoy your guilty pleasures, and you are still eating food from every food group.

To see examples of how easy it is to plan, check out this post:


If you are interested in giving it a shot, I have created a Burn & Refuel guide to help you along the way.  Head on over to get started!


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