How Carb Cycling Can Simplify Meal Planning


I have been experimenting with carb cycling since November, so about 9 weeks now.  My biggest takeaway from this method is the ability to plan my meals more quickly.  I know that on Burn Day, my meals should not include a complex carb, and on Refuel Day I add in a complex carb.  To simplify my meal prep, I make the same meal twice and add the healthy carb to it on Refuel Day.

Here are 3 examples of just how simple this is:

Turkey Kielbasa + veggies . . . . Turkey Kielbasa + veggies + sweet potatoes

Seasoned chicken + broccoli . . . . Seasoned chicken + broccoli + vegetable alfredo noodles

Cilantro chicken + peppers/onions . . . . Cilantro chicken + peppers/onions + brown rice

This simplified meal planning tremendously for me. No more wondering what day I should eat what. If I’m eating “too many carbs” or “should I eat carbs for supper?” or all the other millions of questions that come with trying to eat to lose weight.   One day, I eat the carbs, the next day I replace the carb with more vegetables.

Meal planning was become a puzzle to me, easily fitting the pieces into each day depending on the cycle. Low carb day? Okay, cool…let me look at my list of protein, veggies, and fats. Normal carb day? Add in those healthy carbs wherever I want.

I have put together a guide with more information, planning sheets, low prep low carb snacks, recipes for these meals and so much more. If you are interested in learning more about this simple approach, you can head over here:

burn & refuel (12)


To read more about my experience with carb cycling, head here:CarbCyclingPin

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