High Carb Day Meal Diary

high carb meal diary (1)

Before I show you my meals, I need to say that not every day looks like this! I do not like eating the same thing more than twice a week (either prepped 2 of the same meal, or a supper + leftovers), so I never prep the same thing for all 5 days.  I do have my go-to meals, but I enjoy so many foods that I have to switch it up.

So with that being said, here is an example of what I may eat on a Refuel Day (more about carb cycling here). Lots of variety and different types of healthy carbs!

7:15am – I am usually drinking a meal replacement shake, but if I am not, I will opt for something other than eggs – usually fruit and another item like toast with peanut butter, bran cereal with bananas, or oatmeal with berries. I do like dippy eggs with sweet potatoes, so I go with that if I haven’t had too many eggs throughout the week!


9:45am – Snack time – fruit! Any kind!

12:30pm – Lunch is something I have prepped. Most likely yesterday’s low carb lunch with an added complex carb. For example, I may have eaten the turkey burger and broccoli yesterday on Burn Day.

3:00 – Snack – Apple Nachos – you can put whatever you want on these. I keep it pretty simple with some melted peanut butter and dark chocolate.


6:00ish – Supper with the family. Most high carb nights I eat the same thing as them! Turkey kielbasa, cabbage, onion, and potatoes.


7:45pm – optional snack

I love having some kind of treat at the end of the day. This Larabar is my favorite – only 4 ingredients!

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