Healing Postpartum Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti Repair Post

Did you know your abdominal muscles can separate during pregnancy and stay that way after birth? This is especially true for moms with large babies, multiple children, or pregnancies that were close together.  Mark me down for all 3!

You can read a more detailed description about it at Babycenter.com.

I had a slight separation after Baby 3, and slightly bigger after the last one. I scoured the web on how to fix it. There is a lot of conflicting information…..actually not a whole lot of information. After much research, I collected the most consistent information and the recommended exercises to help improve it.

I started doing these special DR healing exercises every day. They. Are. Boring.

I would have rather been doing much more strenuous HIIT workouts or lifting weights, but many exercises can either make it worse or prevent it from healing.  Admittedly, I got bored with them and after gaining strength, I jumped right back into plyo and lifting. I noticed around 6 months post partum that I STILL had a slight separation  (because I slacked off), so it was back to doing these moves between lifting sets and during rest days.

Because there is very little information out there, and much of it is conflicting, I put together a freebie with all of the exercises I did. This is all from my experience, as I am not a doctor or specialist in this area! I hope you find this helpful! Reach out if you have any questions.

Get the FREE guide!

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