“Eating Healthy Is Too Expensive”

Is Eating Healthy More Expensive_.png

The other day I heard someone say that “eating healthy is too expensive”.  Part of me wanted to whip out the grocery ads, a notebook, and a calculator, but I held back.  Instead, I focused that energy on this blog post.

Here’s the deal: It’s all about choices. 

Are you going to choose a healthy snack or a snack loaded with sugar and bad fats?  Are you going to spend $2.98 on a bag of chips or $1.13 on a pound of apples? (Actual prices from Walmart.)

Check out this price comparison:
















Look at how much more healthy food you can get for $5 less! Notice that’s A POUND of pears and A POUND of apples. These are just snacks. Let’s dive into a meal.

HealthyFoodPrice (1)

Both of these meals could be enough for 2 meals…supper tonight, lunch tomorrow. Which makes the healthy meals about $4 each (plus you’ll have 2 chicken apple sausages left over that you could pair with something else), and the unhealthy meals about $6 each.  But let’s be honest…fries, nuggets, and mozzerella sticks aren’t exactly that yummy heated up a second time.

Now, I’m not saying you should NEVER any of those foods because I don’t think you should ever restrict yourself. I do indulge in some of these foods every now and then. But the whole point of this post is to show you that it is possible to eat healthy for the same price or cheaper as meals that are not as healthy.

No, I’m not completely ignoring that SOME healthy foods do cost more. It’s a disgusting epidemic that many junk foods cost much less than healthy foods (ie: Fast food: a $.98 burger or a $6 salad).  But when you really look at what you’re eating, the extra cost just could save you from health related bills later.

Take a look at this choice:

Strawberry Compare.png

The Twizzlers are $.75 cheaper, BUT look at the ingredients of that compared to the Sunkist dried Strawberries:


Yum, right? To save $.75 you can have glycerin, corn syrup, thiamin mononitrate, sugar, artificial flavor, and so much more! Or you can just have strawberries.



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