Convenience Foods

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I strive to eat healthy, buuuuut I’m also a working mom of 4 with a side business and a blog who enjoys working out and ensuring my kids get to be involved in activities.  So that means convenience is sometimes necessary – but it also needs to be healthy so I can meet my weight loss goals.

I see so many women sharing their Trader Joe’s and Aldi finds on Instagram, but I’m just dealing with what the good Lord gave me – and that’s Walmart. Here are some convenience foods I have found recently  . . .

I love pizza. I usually indulge if it’s the good stuff (Papa John’s, Godfather’s, Valentino’s), but when my kids are making home made pizzas or I pop a frozen pizza in the oven, this is what I cook up for me.  Yes, it tastes different than regular pizza, but it saves on carbs, sugar, and a bunch of processed junk. It tastes really good, too!


Packaged salad bags are purchased every single shopping trip. You have to eat them quickly before they go bad, so it encourages us to eat a salad before lunch or supper almost every day.


This is a newbie I picked up this month…fresh and super simple!


Frozen vegetables, especially those that need to be cut, are a lifesaver for time. Just put it in the microwave, and it’s done in a few minutes. I prefer roasted, but this does in a pinch, and I eat more vegetables when it’s convenient.


I’m not a carb lover, but I do enjoy warm pasta during these awful, cold winter months. There is a small variety of vegetable pasta in the freezer section at Walmart, and I usually pick one up every trip to toss in with chicken. I like this one for when my kids want hot dogs and macaroni…I pair it with turkey kielbasa.


I  really despise preparing fish, but I know it’s so good for me.  These frozen fillets are perfect – they don’t smell when you take them out of the bag, bonus!


Thanks to my Grandma Betty, I have a wicked sweet tooth. I hate to say that I could never do something, but I really believe I could never give up sweets.  So I just have to find some alternatives to Reese’s Eggs, Peanut Butter M&Ms, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and Hershey’s bars.

I love sticking these little Mini’s in my purse for a quick hit of sweetness. They’re so tiny and cute!


Larabars are always on my grocery list – only 4 ingredients!img_5042

These are just a few convenience items I purchase…I will do a part 2 next month! I would love to hear any suggestions for healthy fast foods that make your life easier!

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