Monthly Must-Haves [Babies 0-6 Months]


This one is for all my soon-to-be-moms!

There is so much baby equipment out there that it’s sometimes difficult to determine what you really need for a baby.  Babies don’t need that much if you think about it. Some items are a total waste of money, in my opinion.  I’ve picked out some of the items we actually used the first 6 months of Laikyn’s life.

Teething Bibs – Dual purpose!


Banana teether – this has been her favorite teether!


Britax B Agile Travel System – The carseat we used for the other 3 girls was outdated, so we got brand new for Laikyn. Our old travel system was Graco and it was bulky.  The stroller is easy to fold down and open up with one hand.


Fleece zip up sleeping bag – This is perfect for putting over jammies to keep baby warm at night in place of a blanket.


4Moms Mamaroo – This was given to us as a gift from my MIL and it was a lifesaver in the beginning.   It rocks 4 different ways (car ride, kangaroo, etc.) AND it has different sounds. Laikyn had to have white noise, and that is included as one of the sounds.


MAM Bottles and pacifiers – MAM was the first pacifier we found to work with our oldest so we stuck with them. BONUS: Some of the pacifiers glow in the dark!



Glove Teether – This was one of the first teethers Laikyn used before she could hold anything in her hands.


Lightweight Carseat Cover – I love this because it slides on and off so easily, and you can use it in the grocery cart as well.


Fisher Price Sit Me Up – Baby is a lot more stable in this than a Bumbo!


Velcro Swaddles – These are a THE BEST for a mom who can’t quite perfect the blanket swaddle!


Ergo Carrier – This is a lifesaver!! Having 3 older kids and a busy life, it was so nice to stick Laikyn in here.  Mine came with a newborn insert that sits her up a bit and wraps her like a cocoon. As she got bigger, I was able to take that out. This is coming from someone who could NEVER figure out those huge long pieces of fabrics people call wraps. LOL!


White Noise Machine – This has 6 sounds, but we stuck with the white noise.  This was a must for allowing Laikyn to sleep with 3 other kids running around the house making noise. In her room, with this on, you can’t hear anything going on outside of her room!


Medela Hands-Free Pumping Bra – I never would have lasted very long pumping at work without this bra. I was able to get work done while I pumped instead of holding the bottles on!



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