Modifications For HIIT Workouts


A HIIT workout is intended for you to go all out with short rest times, but some factors may not allow you to complete the workout as written.  Don’t worry! You can modify now, and over time find yourself completing the whole workout. Progress over perfection always!

Some ideas for modifying:

  1. For jumping moves, do the actions or steps instead.
  2. Replace the move with a low-impact move that works similar muscles. Instead of doing a jump squat, simply do a squat. Instead of jumping lunges, do a stationary lunge.
  3. Use a chair to help you balance.
  4. Go slower! It’s not all or nothing – any workout is better than no workout!

The video below shows how to modify the moves from Week 1 Day 2 of the challenge, and additional HIIT moves and how to modify them:


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