Easy Daily Eats

I have downloaded or purchased so many recipe books that claim to be “simple” but come to find out, they have ingredients I’ve never heard of, there are soooo many steps, or they include A LOT of cream ofs. I’m a busy mom with not a lot of brain space to think about what I’m going to eat. I want simple. Easy. Quick. Healthy. Basic. I want it to be almost too easy, where I’m like “wait a second, this is super simple…this can’t be healthy!”

Let me be totally honest…the pictures in this recipe guide are just like the recipes – simple, basic, not fancy, in the moment – but that’s what you get with me. No fancy photography, lighting, or food setups. Because this is real life – I eat this food in real life!

You may be wondering what kind of “diet” I follow. Simply put, I don’t. I eat mostly food that comes from the earth and limit processed food. This “diet” is reflected in the 33 recipes I provide in Easy Daily Eats.


This is for you if:

You don’t count calories.

You don’t count macros.

You like to cook without a recipe book.

You like basic.

You don’t follow a specific diet.

You are single, married, or have kids.

You want to fit healthy eating into your life.


Easy Daily Eats

Simple meals that really ARE simple, basic, and can fit easily into your busy life. Included are 33 recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and Snacks.



Try before you buy! Download a FREE version with 5 recipes.

Easy Daily Eats

Easy Daily Eats FREEBIE

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