6 Meal Prepping Tips For Beginners

When you think of meal prepping, the image of 7 of the same breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks may come to your mind. You know, the 14 meal prep containers, 7 apples, 7 boiled eggs, 7 egg cups with a banana.  Yes, some people meal prep that way, but people like me who love variety meal prep a different way. It will look different for everyone, so remember this is just how I do it!

Tip #1: Meal plan FIRST. You can’t go to the store, buy a ton of groceries, then get home and go, “Okay, now what should I prep?” You have to know your plan.

Tip #2: Don’t do it all at once. I usually prep Sunday and Wednesday.

Tip #3: Start with the protein, which for me most of the time is meat.   Here are some example of how I might prep each meat.

1lb Ground turkey

1/2 pound – Make into turkey burgers (recipe in my Easy Daily Eats recipe guide)

1/2 pound – Seasoned as taco meat for salads, nachos, tacos.


Marinate 1-2 chicken breasts with seasonings (then saute in skillet with olive oil) to create 3 different flavors to throw in a salad or with veggies. Three of my favorite are:

Cilantro Chicken

Honey Soy Chicken

Garlic Chicken

Canned Tuna or Salmon

Make into tuna patties or salmon patties. Fry in the skillet.

Tip #4: Vegetables – I always have a variety on hand to pair with any of my above meats or as snacks if left raw.

Simply wash, peel if needed, and chop/slice vegetables. Put them on a pan, drizzle with olive oil, season as you wish, and bake in the oven. A few of my favorites to roast in the oven:


Brussels Sprouts



Sweet Potato

Yellow Squash


Tip #5: Fruit. The day you get groceries, wash, prepare, and bag your fruit. This makes it easy to grab and go, pack in your lunch, or eat as a snack at home instead of reaching for something less healthy.  I put my in snack baggies and keep them in a basket in my refrigerator. Some ideas to get you started:




Any combo of the above

Other fruits are quick and easy to grab without preparing them:





Tip #6: Snacks – Always prep a few quick snacks! Easy snacks to start out with are boiled eggs, protein bites, trail mix, (both of those recipes in Easy Daily Eats), fruit, and raw veggies.

I hope this helps you get started.  I will be doing a more in depth post about meal prepping at a later time!


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