My Typical Meal Diary

Meal Diary

As you may know, I love variety, so my meals are different every day. Sometimes I prep two of the same meal, but I can’t eat it two days in a row!  This is just an idea of what I might eat in a day. I don’t follow a meal plan (sometimes I do rounds of Carb Cycling). I try to eat mostly food that comes from the earth while limiting processed food….this way of thinking has helped me simplify the question of what to eat.


Many days I drink a Meal Replacement Shake because I don’t have time to make breakfast,  but I know how important it is for me to stay on track. When I do have time to cook, I focus on protein to keep me full. I love eggs cooked any way possible! One of my favorite ways to make them is sort of dippy with this seasoning sprinkled on top.



Some days I might have a snack at school around 10am.  These are a quick snack to grab and take along, again trying to eat a high protein snack. (Did you know we don’t eat as much protein as we should?) It depends on how early I am having lunch if I have a snack.



I am lucky enough to be home for lunch this year, so I have more options. When I worked full time, I prepped my Tupperware lunches on Sundays and Wednesdays. Here I have an example of something I would make at home – these turkey nachos – and something I would pack for school – cilantro chicken and rice.



Post-Workout Snack

Most days, I have been working out in the afternoon, so I will grab a post-workout snack on my way to pick up my kids from school. I may have a banana, protein shake, or protein bar.


I almost always have what my family is having, but suited for me. For example, if they have some sort of cream-based or cheese-based chicken casserole, I would set some chicken aside and pair with a vegetable and healthy carb like multi-grain rice or a sweet potato.

Pictured below is the chicken I saved, along with asparagus and some leftover veggie noodles.


PM Snack

Not always, but sometimes I feel the need for a PM snack! Like my morning snack, it all depends on what time I eat supper. If we eat later, I don’t usually have a snack.  I am a sweets-aholic, so apple nachos help fulfill my late-night sweet attack!


Check out my recipe guide, Easy Daily Eats, for more simple recipes!

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