Monthly Must-Haves [March]

Monthly Must Haves March

Budgeting Envelopes


At the beginning of January, I cracked down on our budget and began using cash for some categories. I found these on Amazon for super cheap! On the front, I write how much is in the envelope at the beginning of the month. On the back is a ledger for you to write when you take out or add money. This method has helped us a ton with unnecessary purchases.

Thieves Cleaner


I was always skeptical of this, but I got a sample in a starter kit. We were out of our normal cleaner, so I gave the sample a try.  Wow! It smells so good and it’s the BEST cleaner I’ve ever used! I use it on everything… floors, tables, counters, toilets, sinks, mirrors. I love it! One cleaner for everything.  I get mine from an oils girl, but it’s also on Amazon.



I don’t know who has more fun with these – us or the kids!! These are a lifesaver for busy bodies when it’s snowing and freezing outside.  My girls can build with these for a really long time. Our favorite game right now is to see how many stories tall we can make a building before Laikyn crawls over and knocks it over. The name brand tiles are kind of pricey, so we go with the cheaper brand. We have 3 different kinds and they all work well together.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Advobar


These are the BEST protein bars I’ve ever tried. I don’t normally like protein bars (like I bought a whole box of Quest Bars and nearly gagged, had to throw them all away because no one in my family would eat them.  Most that I have tried are chalky and leave a weird taste in my mouth.  These have a tiny bit of crunch to them, but are also smooth at the same time.  There are 20g of protein and only 3g of sugar!!

Weekend To Remember

This is a different one, but it’s a Must-Have! Weekend To Remember is a weekend marriage conference. My parents gifted it to us for Christmas, and we went this month.  I highly recommend it for everyone, no matter what status your marriage is.  We learned ways to better communicate with each other, how to prioritize, and other biblical principles important to marriage.


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