4 Simple Changes

Going into making a lifestyle change in order to lose weight or get fit can be daunting.  Many people start with an “all or nothing” approach and quickly lose interest, decide it’s too much work, or can’t keep up with the high demands they’ve set on themselves.  For example, both times I have put on a free challenge, the number of people coming to the site to see the workout drops every single day.  People start off with good intentions, but try to change EVERYTHING at once. That just does not work!

4 Simple Changes.png

Here are 4 simple changes you can make TODAY that will drastically affect your health, but they aren’t crazy!

1. Drink more water

At first, you will notice more trips to the bathroom. Don’t let that stop you! Your body will eventually get used to more water.  If you don’t love water, add some flavoring. Throughout the day I get my water through my shake, Spark, Rehydrate, collagen, and then normal water.  Aim for half of your body weigh in oz.  If you barely drink 8oz per day, start smaller! Try for 16oz tomorrow.

I love this infographic from Paleo Hacks.


2. Get more sleep 

This one is tough! Sometimes it means breaking an unhealthy habit: Netflix late at night or endless scrolling on the phone, for example.  Did you know that sleep and hormones are related?  Lack of sleep releases the “I’m hungry” hormone into your body, causing you to overeat and most likely, it’s sugar loaded to give you a quick burst of energy. Ample sleep releases the “I’m full” hormone into your body!


Graphic credit to My Southern Health.

3. Get active

Many people going from sedentary to active will start working out, get sore or tired, and stop.  Or they simply don’t know where to start.  When you’re just starting out, simply walking every day is great! Find something you love…like biking!  If you’re ready for weights, the best advice I can give you is to follow a plan.  I’ve been there before: pick up some weights, do some random moves you saw somewhere, and then see no progress.  Following a plan will teach you how to lift and provide you with guidance on what moves to do and when.

Here are a few plans I offer:

Full Body At-Home WorkoutsAt-Home Quickstart Guide LowerBodyFocusedGuide Summer Shape Up Welcome (1)

I also have free 15-minute Do Anywhere workouts on my page: here!

4. Slowly make healthy eating a habit

This is the hardest change for many people. Eating is tied to so many things – celebrations, socializing, holidays, events – and certain habits are deeply ingrained.  The ultimate goal is to make healthy eating a habit, not an exception. Here are some ideas of simple changes to implement NOW:

Take the burger off the bun.

Add in a side salad to one meal per day.

Include a steamed/baked vegetable to one meal per day.

Think about protein: eggs, chicken, turkey, lean beef.

Swap sugary drinks for a healthier alternative.

Eat fruit when you have a sweet tooth.

Swap out fries, tater tots, chips for potatoes: slice them, cover with olive oil and seasonings, put them on a pan, and bake them until they are crispy.

Bag up fruits and vegetables so snacks are easy to grab: baby carrots, sliced peppers, grapes, strawberries, sliced cucumbers.

Here are two guides I offer on nutrition:

Easy Daily Eats burn & refuel (12)

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