About Me

Hi! I’m Megan, a 34-year-old mom of 4 girls, married to John for 10 years, and a 1st/2nd grade teacher for 12 years. I recently started working part time to spend more time with my girls and pursue my passion in the health and fitness world.


All of my pregnancies changed my body, but my 4th one was when I was the most active – lifting weights, HIIT, keeping up with 3 other girls!  But losing the weight was also the hardest with her – I am older, busier, more tired, more inclined to choose convenience foods.


I really had to focus on the results I wanted and build habits to get me there. I switched from split days to full body training.


I started carb cycling and allowing myself to schedule in treats rather than eat them all the time and ruin my progress!


Through example, I am teaching my little girls to love and take care of their bodies through eating healthy and being active. I am proud to say they are very much involved in my workouts!


When friends started asking me advice, I felt compelled to help. I started sharing workouts, recipes, my meals of the week. Eventually, I made them into printable guides and this website was born. I am having so much fun sharing my passion with others!

If you have questions, would like to collaborate, or contact me for any other reason, you can email me at megan@hustlingathome.com, find me on Instagram at @hustling.at.home, or fill out the contact form below!