Circuit Workouts

Modifications For HIIT Workouts

A HIIT workout is intended for you to go all out with short rest times, but some factors may not allow you to complete the workout as written.  Don't worry! You can modify now, and over time find yourself completing the whole workout. Progress over perfection always! Some ideas for modifying: For jumping moves, do … Continue reading Modifications For HIIT Workouts

3 Things You Need For An At-Home Strength Workout

1. Free WeightsYou can get an amazing workout with free weights. I have used machines, and I prefer free weights 100%.  If you're just starting out, a simple set like these (pictured below) will do just fine.Eventually, you will progress and start lifting heavier. I prefer the Bowflex Adjustable Weights.  I can lift heavy for deadlifts and … Continue reading 3 Things You Need For An At-Home Strength Workout