High Carb Day Meal Diary

Before I show you my meals, I need to say that not every day looks like this! I do not like eating the same thing more than twice a week (either prepped 2 of the same meal, or a supper + leftovers), so I never prep the same thing for all 5 days.  I do … Continue reading High Carb Day Meal Diary

How Carb Cycling Can Simplify Meal Planning

I have been experimenting with carb cycling since November, so about 9 weeks now.  My biggest takeaway from this method is the ability to plan my meals more quickly.  I know that on Burn Day, my meals should not include a complex carb, and on Refuel Day I add in a complex carb.  To simplify … Continue reading How Carb Cycling Can Simplify Meal Planning

My Experience With Carb Cycling

5 months postpartum. Stuck at 140 pounds. 13 pounds to go until pre-pregnancy weight. Another 5 pounds to go until goal weight. I was exercising, drinking my water, and trying to eat healthy.  I knew I had to do something different, and that something was food-related.  I was kind of planning my meals, starting the … Continue reading My Experience With Carb Cycling