Monthly Must Haves [April]

Here is what I am loving - things I've had for awhile and new items - this month! NEW ITEMS Old Navy Jeggings (WITH ELASTIC WAIST BAND - WHAT??)   These are, by far, the BEST jeans I have ever owned!! The elastic waist reminds me of comfortable maternity jeans, and they fit this short … Continue reading Monthly Must Haves [April]

Monthly Must-Haves [Babies 0-6 Months]

This one is for all my soon-to-be-moms! There is so much baby equipment out there that it's sometimes difficult to determine what you really need for a baby.  Babies don't need that much if you think about it. Some items are a total waste of money, in my opinion.  I've picked out some of the items … Continue reading Monthly Must-Haves [Babies 0-6 Months]